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Childhood Memories.-A Special Exhibition on Children's ArifactsThe management and administration of the Museum are directed by professionals and specialists who will apply ideas of business administration and combine local manpower and resources to show historical and cultural characteristics of greater Kaohsiung. The Museum will also invite cultural items of foreign countries for exhibition at an adequate time, so that citizens may broaden their sights to an international level.

For preservation of materials, The Museum will collect and arrange historical items of Kaohsiung area, and make systematical arrangement and classification of relics and historic remain, and also accept donations of valuable historical items from civilians.

Childhood Memories.-A Special Exhibition on Children's Arifacts

For exhibition, according to differences in cultural characteristics, the Museum will plan theme exhibitions and will display foreign cultural items, so that citizens will broaden their sights and minds. In the future, the Museum will further build up its web site and multimedia, so that people may appreciate the display of historical and cultural items of the Museum at home any time.

Naturally, The content of a brilliant exhibition must be extensively promoted. Therefore, an effort must be made to combine the Museum with schools in students' outdoor education, so that students will have the opportunity to visit the Museum more often and initiate various activities with a view to attracting more people to visit. The Museum may upgrade the standard of exhibition through cooperation and exchange of resources and experts. In addition, participation of zealous volunteers who would offer guiding service means concrete manifestation of unifying social resources with the Museum.

Besides planning various exhibitions, the Museum engages in extensive research for development of history and culture in Kaohsiung area. In order to attain that aim, the Museum will invite activists for historical and cultural work to make a general investigation on the culture of the greater Kaohsiung area, and will publish a report on the result of the whole research, which will be used for editing textbooks of native land education, and will also help those who are interested and wish to understand more about the development of Kaohsiung.

Childhood Memories.-A Special Exhibition on Children's Arifacts