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The collection business of the museum has been not only searching and collecting the related relics in Kaohsiung area, but also continually carrying on interpreting, researching and publishing the collections of the museum; thus, it is expected to inspire the public’s knowledge and understanding to the relics in the museum and the history of Kaohsiung so as to enhance their intension of cultural living. Examining the collection polices of the museum, one can find out that the short-term goals have been made and we are stepping forward to the originally made mid-term goals; such as, establishing perfect login system for collected relics management and enhancing the application and circulation of digital relics file. Moreover, since the revision of Cultural Heritage Preservation Law was passed in Feb. of 2005, the Museum undertakes cultural heritage preservation business of relics in Kaohsiung City. Regarding the administration of historical objects registration and inspection in this city, it is a new rising collection business; therefore, on the topic of our long-term goal, it is an issue worth of pondering and it demands immediate attention that how we can manage our fixed collection task plus another mission for cultural heritage preservation of relics in Kaohsiung City.

In order to enhance the collections of the Museum as provision of rich information for research, publishing, education and popularization, the Museum purchases relics every year in collaboration with collection policies. Until June of 2007, there are totally 9027 pieces of collections in the Museum.
Arachives Chinaware Lacquerware Folk Relics
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Excavation Traditional Arts Portraits