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KCG photoThe Museum is located at No.272, Chung Cheng 4th Road, En-cheng District situated by Kaohsiung Love River and is renovated from the old city government building, which was built in 1938 during later period of Japanese rule which lasted 50 years. The building was the site of the Takao Municipal Office in Japanese time, and the Kaohsiung City Government after the restoration of Taiwan.

In meeting with requirement for modernization and better service for its citizens, the Kaohsiung City Government relocated to the new combined office KCG photobuilding located at No. 2, Suu-wei 3rd Road on January 18th, 1992. The old city government building was a landmark and also had symbolic and historic significance, so after relocation to the new building, the city Government requested for opinions of scholars, experts and local leaders and decided to preserve the old building and gave it a more significant function. The old building which had 24,000 square meters in space, was planned to have three buildings: namely, a history museum which would be renovated from the old building, a commercial and industrial exhibition center and a music hall which would be newly constructed.


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KCG photoThe old city government building was constructed in 1938 when Japanese imperialism was at its peak, so the style of construction put emphasis on praising Japanese shintoism and the roofs of most official buildings in those days were built in so called "imperial crown style". The old city government building was one example of such architecture. As the architecture of that period was influenced by the big fire caused by the Great Tokyo Earthquake, special importance on building materials and structures was attached.

The old city government building was originally in rectangle layout and was composed of a laterally wide four-storied front building and a three storied rear building. Since the three-storied rear building was constructed after the restoration of Taiwan and had no preservation value, it was dismantled.

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The color of appearance of old building is in defense color (grass green), and inside and outside of the building is decorated with line pattern of ancient Occidental revivalism, while the roofs are in Oriental palace style. The entire building shows a harmonious mixture of the East and the West.

KCG photo